A Short History of Sunrise Social

So how did I become Sunrise Social?

I got my Social Media Marketing career start in 2008, long before Sunrise Social was a twinkle in eye. My first clients were Online SIM Game developers and my first projects involved advertising new games and recruiting members. By developing sets of age appropriate personas I advertised to select age groups ranging from 9 to 16+.Sunrise Social Logo

As my excitement for working in Social Media and Inbound Marketing grew I began working with media artists, musicians, and independent record labels. I realized that I love to work with people who are passionate about what they do.

In 2011 I was lucky enough to begin working with a new Inbound Marketing agency in Lansing, Michigan. This was a place that was effervescent with creative energy. We worked with Hubspot, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and multiple other platforms where versatile writing, learning and creativity was a must. Daily I would write content for landing pages, social media platforms, targeted ad campaigns, and blogs.

As this agency become more successful, I became more freelance. I harnessed my photography and writing skills to continue on. My most creative way to combine my talents was when I became lucrative with eBay. Grabbing onto this I made my way into the Auction House industry. I still work with this industry.

In 2016 I headed to Northern Michigan. I now photograph what I think of as the “most fun” sports. Sports like Rally Racing, Bump ‘n’ Run Derby, and Pond Hockey. Today a lot of my clients are based in the arts, music, or are small business owners.  Basically anyone with creativity and passion. I help business owners get leads and make sales through social media!

So, Northern Michigan, if your small business is screaming for some social media help contact me!

We can connect via email, chat over the phone, or even get a cup of coffee if you’re ready for a face to face meeting.

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