Facebook Security – Stop Giving Them Permission

The current hot topic of discussion is Facebook security. Even the national news is rolling with stories.

From talks of Russian bots manipulating US election coverage to the recent outage of Cambridge Analytica, Facebook security and personal privacy is at the forefront of thought and conversation. It seems like these discussions I keep hearing in passing would be a great teaching moment, right? But often, no, because usually it’s the most obvious ways that our personal information is being given up and frankly, people just don’t want to hear about it.Stop Giving Facebook Permission

How are we “giving up” our information in the first place? There are many ways that Facebook can collect information about us. However, it’s with our permission that we can be tracked and this data stored, used, and sold. Often users grant this permission without even realizing it. There is more information at the end on how to keep these permissions under control! Continue reading “Facebook Security – Stop Giving Them Permission”

Locally Sourced in North-East Michigan

Upper Peninsula Shaped Chocolate
My locally sourced Sayklly’s Chocolate Yooper Bar.

I see many people trying to keep their money local these days, and I’m no different. Communities have come together to support Farmers Markets, and enjoy locally sourced produce, all across Michigan. Everyday I hear of more people who have chosen to move from major banks to smaller credit unions. And ironically, in 2010, American Express started “Small Business Saturday” as an answer to “Black Friday,” Continue reading “Locally Sourced in North-East Michigan”

A Short History of Sunrise Social

So how did I become Sunrise Social?

I got my Social Media Marketing career start in 2008, long before Sunrise Social was a twinkle in eye. My first clients were Online SIM Game developers and my first projects involved advertising new games and recruiting members. By developing sets of age appropriate personas I advertised to select age groups ranging from 9 to 16+.Sunrise Social Logo

As my excitement for working in Social Media and Inbound Marketing grew I began working with media artists, musicians, and independent record labels. I realized that I love to work with people who are passionate about what they do. Continue reading “A Short History of Sunrise Social”

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